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[3:26] ForeignMan.mp3 (4.6 MB)
It is a linguistic intricacy... verbal game, lexical nuance perhaps... But often times in American English at least, the words 'Foreigner' and 'Stranger' are confused into a single concept. And that concept is usually one of the 'Outsider' or someone who doesn't fit in. But Strange-ness and Foreign-ness are really two very different things, aren't they? 'Foreign Man' is about this dichotomy and synergy: a stranger who is also a foreigner.
[5:00] OneOfThoseTimes.mp3 (6.5 MB)
OH, *you've* had one of THOSE times before... everybody has. The time slips away, you feel it melting but cannot react against time. Time HAS you. The drone of everyday life continues, but the overtones of another world sing to you as though from Gabriel's trumpet. Harmonics heard rarely through the noise of everyday situations... you have one of those times of realization that there is more to your existence than just the commute to work, there are overtones to your life that when you tune them in make the simple aspects like breathing and walking enjoyable. Again.
Make time for One Of Those Times.
[4:06] TribalMine.mp3 (5.4 MB)
The idea is that of a digital tribe. Long since achieved. But headless... Searching. Seeking a Shaman. The digirati shaman. Like a pack of wild animals roaming the digibits and etherbits and byterooms, the tribal mine has a (hive) mind of it's own, developing a swarm intelligence guiding it through the land of lost bees. (which have been digitized btw)
[4:37] Auswanderunexico.mp3 (6.0 MB)
Sincerest and most irritated of digital cucaracha mariachis groove through their boxes into a mota encrusted tap dance routine in la tijera. Sets the scene for another night of syncopationalized mastications stumbling in digital ecstacy towards the maiden-head of frequency modulated mahem. And that's just the intro...
[4:46] BurningParade.mp3 (6.2 MB)
To think back on the first time. You were sitting around a camp fire. It is hit. The fire breaths in with you. The ego drifts away. The fire begins to march a parade. Embers breathing with you in perfect harmony, the sparks marching to the tune of your inner dialog. Your outer dialog circumspects the situation finding itself contrary, if not perpendicular to, the inner dialog which marches faster and louder. The burning parade begins a career. The burning parade is the beginning. At that point you have no idea where the parade will end. You still don't.
The Burning Parade. It has you. Let it.
    6i Musik,
& LapCore 
are very proud
to present you 
  their latest 
    Ambient Music 


A Celebration of the 10th month of the 10th year of the 2nd millienium!
The current time is now:
20:10 20/10/2010

Aquarel celebrates the END of the Nuller years and exits them with style, grace, and ambient charm. Herewith, the most prolific of LapCore's ambient tracks from the past decade: two made famous from the Live Cinema Project e*scapes, and three brand new unheard computer music arrangements.

All with roots firmly planted in FM synthesis, much of Aquarel features LapCore's custom developed overtone sequencing software. Built during the stress testing and hardening of certain FM synthesis technologies he developed at NI at that time, the overtone sequencer was designed not only for stress testing complex FM matrices, but to give organic control over harmonic and non-harmonic partial manipulations and create a new unheard spectral 'blossom' to otherwise ordinary tones. The results are easily recognizable on Aquarel and result in hidden melodies and counterpoints floating from within the already dense textures.

Once again I want to thank you for personally for your support and listenership.

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Original Artwork for Aquarel by Kako.
Music, Art, Text, Design published by 6i Musik. Copy Control 2010.
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