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[9:32] HighEnough.mp3 (23.0 MB) [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Aint No Mountain HIGH ENOUGH! Tailored for dropping into a pumpen
electro set, HighEnough.mp3 is an effective and grooven electro-house track
with flexibility and charm.  Understated bass and kick let you dial it in on demand
or completely replace from another deck.  You can hear a perfect example of this 
on Elektro-Bunnyland @ 19:30.  Every DJ can be a hero with this amazing remix.
[6:07] SexyDancer.mp3 (14.8 MB) [BreakCore]
SexyDancer is a BreakCore track LapCore has been playing LIVE since 2001.
With a deep rolling bassline you can keep the club throbbing and
resonating until the walls shake. With such a definitive ending, you
don't even need to worry about what track to cue up next.
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	6i Musik,
	             & LapCore 
	are very proud to present you with 

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HighEnough and SexyDancer are two of the HighLights of the renowned 
djLapCore mix Elektro-Bunnyland.
Now for the first time ever, exclusive remixes direct from djLapCore's decks to you.
Available ONLY through LapCore.org.  Source Direct.  320 kbps. 100% free downLOUD.
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