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[4:13] blueberry.mp3 (9.8 MB)
Light a match, strike a fire. Boil berries over open flame being sure to pulverize (mash) them with the edge of a hard flat surface, spreading evenly and distributing across the working surface. Total concentration and effort and motor skills are required to ensure proper mash-age. Chill and let settle until firm. Do not attempt to consume all at once as your tongue, mouth, and teeth will all go blue. Perhaps even your entire head. Respect the blueberries.
[4:47] line2idx.mp3 (11.1 MB)
A compulsive (if not compulsory) theme pervades this insistant and driving track. Utilizing the typicial minimal memes in a less than cliche yet bordering on mundane acyclical patternization, line2idx passes the time on edge. As we all have. edg3.
[5:46] aufgang.mp3 (13.4 MB)
One of the most elaborate and well-rehearsed 'Live Better' sessions of the decade, 'aufgang' is a sunrise. If not many sunrises packed into the essence of a singular throbbing envelooped sunrise concentrate. Integrating all of the live-software synthesis assets available to me at the time, 'aufgang' is a maximum tour-de-force of the minimal genre.
[5:17] salzsturz.mp3 (12.3 MB)
What goes up must come down. If it feels as though this track is wearing shoes of lead, then it is a success. After the sunrise come the heavy eyes. Until all that is left is a high pitched, frequency modulated memory of the time just passed. As it escapes to infinity and beyond. Goodbye Salzgrube...
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    & LapCore 
      are very proud to present you with 
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The Blueberry tracks were all composed and produced in the Salzgrube Studio
in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) over a four month period spanning 2007 and 2008, 
largely in close collaboration with Chris Meidinger who shares compositional
credit on all of the tracks except 'aufgang.' (although he was present
during the recording.)

These sessions in the Salzgrube represent some of my fondest memories of Freiburg
and I enjoy the ponderance of such easy times.  Though they may have been easy
they felt not so.  Only in retrospect can one laugh at the blueness of the tongue,
the perilousness of pervasion, and the senseless fretting for naught.  

That was the Oughties.  Or as they say in Germany, the Nullerjahren.  


Predominant Instruments: 
  • NI Reaktor
  • NI Spektral Delay
  • NI Vokator
  • NI Pro52
  • NI FM7
  • NI Massive
  • NI Battery
with many special thanks: Henrietta, Lucy, Cordula, Paula, Moneypenny, Index, Flow, Maja, WhiteRabbitClub, Erik Wesley, Roland Sproll, Uwe Hoenig (ugh), Thomas Loop, Ralf Briechle, Christian Kessler, Boris Hopf, Ciarin Jenkins, Erroll Reeves, Wesley Gottliebsen, Ann-Bernadette Heck, Jeffrey Trevino, Yorick Niess, Jason Brown, Julia Ulrich, Salzgrube Regulars, Kinsky Maedels, the Zone |K<
Photography for 'Blueberry' provided by Wally Hartshorn.
Music, Text, Design published by 6i Musik. Copy Control 2010.

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