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[7:32] it_can_be_(basic[RMX]).mp3 (17.3 MB)
This very DJ-Friendly electro-house track is pretty much a remix of Robert Babicz's "Basic", which at the time of producting this track actually I had never heard... He had put some MIDI files and samples online at FOEM/ and I downloaded them and began working on 'it_can_be_basic.' I have never submitted anything to a FOEM/ contest... but I find what they are doing over there to be interesting...
[8:47] ApologyForChrissy.mp3 (20.2 MB)
I was finishing this ambient house track when I got into a brutal email flame-war with my sister, Chrissy. That simply should never happen, and I titled this track after my sister as an apology for my digital brutality. Thanks for your understanding, sis!
[6:52] trust_your_body.mp3 (15.8 MB)
'trust_your_body' is very much a remix of EPY's incredible electro track 'KACHEL' from their release 'Zentrum.' on TRUST RECORDS. trust_your_body appeared originally on the djLapCore drifter1 promo mix.
[5:21] BonVoyageMonAmour.mp3 (12.3 MB)
BonVoyageMonAmour, the eponymous track to this collection was, on the original release, also subtitled "Phuket." However that name no longer really applies to this classic ambient track: one title is enough nowadays...
	6i Musik,
	             & LapCore 
	are very proud to present you with 
A tastey 320 kbps re-release of classic LapCore productions 
from the Salzgrube studio in 2007.
Originally subtitled 'Phuket,' BonVoyageMonAmour is widely
regarded as the release most accurately defining the 'LapCore Sound'
of the 00's.  Four tracks with underlying house beats, two electro-house
and two ambient-house... very usable tracks for DJ's in the club and
at the same time very listenable tracks for private consumers on their
i-Things (pods, phones, pads, books, tunes, i-whatevers...) 

trust_your_body and it_can_be_(basic[RMX]) feature the VOKATOR extensively.

Both it_can_be_(basic[RMX]) and 'Apology For Chrissy' appear on the
widely acclaimed djLapCore mix Wayforward Minimal and
are now available for the first time in 320 bit resolution, free to downloud.

Thank you for your continued support,		

Artwork for BonVoyageMonAmour by Andrea Patterson Hall.
Music, Art, Text, Design published by 6i Musik. Copy Control 2010.

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