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[2:35] Gigolo_Street.mp3 (6.1 MB)
Lyrics by Uva/Clelland
.. the simple upshot chemical have not
paper rock scissors isn't so sweet
you got to bid hard hit hard gotta play high card
double barrel on the gigolo street ...
[2:30] ILeftMyHeartInDotDotDot.mp3 (2.4 MB)
I couldn't get my mind off her,
...another wicked Spektral Delay jam slips into the mix...
she had such a tight groove.
[5:00] Caramel_Lipstick.mp3 (11.6 MB)
Lyrics by Mike Uva
You say this lover is a little bit gone
too little too late
your body's so long
caramel lipstick
making me fall down,
caroline, caroline
[Ambient House]
[4:52] Find_You.mp3 (11.3 MB)
Lyrics by Uva/Clelland
I don't know anything, I just know that I got this feeling deep inside, way way down deep inside... I'm gonna find you.
and when I find you, I'm gonna carry through.
	6i Musik,
	        & LapCore 
	are very proud to present you with 
		   Gigolo Street
First time EVAR... actual 'songs' from LapCore.
Computer Music with LYRICS... OMG.
yes, it's true.  only with the help of long-time friend
and collaborator Mike Uva (Collectible Escalators),
LapCore brings forth some BIT-POP, ElectroPunk, and 
even AmbientHouse.  Now available in 320 kbps glory,
LapCore w/ Lyrics for you.  
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Bass Guitar, Vocals, Drum Programming, Harmonica Solos: Mike Uva
E. Guitar, Synths, Drum Programming, Vocals, Saxophone: Kent Clelland

Photography by Frederik van der Wal.
Music, Art, Text, Design published by 6i Musik. Copy Control 2010.
Mike Uva appears courtesy of Collectible Escalators

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