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[2:22] DontKickEm.mp3 (5.7 MB)
I don't really know what 'bit-hop' is and I don't really give a suck. This track features a (very) early build of the Guitar-Rig, which I played a key role in developing at Native Instruments. In this case Guitar Rig is fed directly into my Reaktor live performance patch 'Live Better' (also featured predominantly on 'High In the Sky') 'Don't Kick 'Em'is probably one of the shortest tracks I have ever written and one of the few(er) tracks on this website which features a guitar solo.
[5:45] IveTripped.mp3 (13.8 MB)
As can be easily heard this track is thick with Spektral Delay. It is, in fact, one of the earliest demonstration tracks developed with Spektral and had resided on an old PPC computer, lost... filed under the name spektral01.aif for over a decade. The original production was done by feeding the audio (analog) outputs of the SY99 into my trusty Powerbook G3. Back then 333 MHz was an amazing speedster of a laptop... and to this day I enjoy working with the old Yamaha pattern sequencer on my SY99.
[5:32] Exhale.mp3 (13.3 MB)
Take a deep breath. Exhale. After experimenting with a Lazyfish patch for a few days, feeding it bass guitar signals, Juno signals, and random SY99 sounds, this is what came out. Enticing rythmic patterns and subtle bass parts have encouraged me over the years to try and reconcile them from the 'soup.' But the 'soup' is just right the way it is. Neither reproducible nor lacking any ingredient. Like shooting from the hip or cooking from memory. EXHALE.
[8:40] HighInTheSky.mp3 (20.9 MB)
Fully and truly a child of 'LIVE BETTER.' Like it's sister track 'Blissful, Bashful' ... 'High In The Sky' is a weave of simple elements creating a texture rich in flavor, color, intrigue, and some might even say sex appeal. LIVE BETTER,
High in the Sky.
6i Musik,
    & LapCore 
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High In The Sky
The tracks in the collection date back to as far as 1999.  For example the oldest track
in this collection is "I've Tripped" which was a an example track I was using
to demonstrate the Spektral Delay during it's development...
Like many of my electronic compositions, both "I've Tripped" and "Don't Kick 'Em"
were envisioned as 'songs'  (with lyrics and singers and stuff...)  However after numerous attempts
at finding singers I like and / or were compatible with I eventually gave up.  

In the meantime I had also written a program for Native Instruments called the VOKATOR.
During my research into vocoding products and their feature sets (in preparation for Vokator),
I was playing with a very awesome software simulation of an analog vocoder by Lazyfish,
the original Reaktor prodigy.  My experiments with Lazyfish's vocoder examples led to the 
production of "Exhale."

The Vokator gave me (and many others) the ability to disguise my voice behind a palette of 
juicy synthesizer sounds, which I used when creating the basis track for "High In The Sky."
However, after numerous tries I too gave up on the idea of producing Synthi-Pop.  And many such
tracks got sent off to the proverbial Church of Euthanasia.  On the other hand a small number
of these so-called Synthi-Pop experiements got recycled and re-processed and gained a life of
their own.  Most notably of which is "High In The Sky," many years later getting thrown
into the sampling-lathe and re-serialized into what we hear today.  

Predominant Instruments: 
  • NI Spektral Delay
  • NI Vokator
  • NI Reaktor
  • NI Guitar Rig
  • NI Battery
  • Yamaha SY99
with many special thanks: Lazyfish, Mads Lindgren, EPY, WMF club, Andi Roedl, Toine Diepstraten, Ficho, Native Instruments, Maxime Boillat, Colorsync, Heather from HeathersHair.com, 4th planet, Joachim Haas, NBI, Ost, Framers Manuela, Chris Korda, Robert Henke, Gerhard Behles, Goat Farmers and their Daughters... |K<
Photography by Monika Guercke.
Music, Art, Text, Design published by 6i Musik. Copy Control 2010.

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