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[5:21] Verschallert.mp3 (12.3 MB)
Patterns repeat, this is fact. But not all patterns need be symmetric, this point is often overlooked by too many artists. Symmetry is SO BORING, especially in music. That is precisely why even slightly obsessive (read intellegent) people tend to loathe 'ordinary' techno music: because there is nothing to count... Verschallert changes all that: there's enough counting to do here to keep Rainmain busy for an entire weekend. LOAD IT UP!
[5:20] Geradeschraeg.mp3 (12.3 MB)
Sometimes things only look straight if you perceive them crooked. Or crookedly... When you bend your head and squint your eyes and hope to adjust the focus, finding that the angle you rake yourself over is far from straight. You adjust yourself but now little remains in focus. Are you straight or crooked?
[5:10] unsigned_char.mp3 (11.9 MB)
unsigned_char: stems from old IDM sessions in the Görly studios. In fact a very over-arranged version of unsigned_char appears on the 'Native-Lab' CD (WMFRec). Now for the first time on 'Verschallert' the original... and can be heard in various forms on various live set recordings from back in the earlier half of the nullers.
[8:46] SalzgrubeSoundSys.mp3 (20.1 MB)
The Salzgrube was a very inspiring studio. It lay directly within the medieval walls of Freiburg... nestled between two 1400 year old construction sites: a monestary and a gothic cathedral. The noise was tremendous. The nights were long. The balcony was windy, and so were you. These sound sessions relentless, the programming became us, the wind-up birds clawing the walls and the blueberries rolling between the toes. We stained our shoes, we cleaned our teeth, and amidst it all, the SalzgrubeSoundSys.
	6i Musik,
	             & LapCore 
	are very proud to present you with 

So what is 'Verschallert' ?  I don't find it in the dictionary?!  
No, you won't find it in any books.  
It's a state of mind.  
You will find it in the streets of Berlin
as the sun is rising...
Behind the eyes 
of an addled raver, 
for sure.
A friend with studio tan, 
and Cathode Ray Tube pimples.
Verschallert, when 
you've been pumped and pounded
with waves of sounds 
for so long
that your senses 
no longer even deceive you 
they have given up.
You find yourself counting things.  
Bell rings.  
Your neighbor's boyfriend's orgasms.  
The ripples of sweat on
the palm of your hand.  
You've been Verschallert...  

NOT TO BE CONFUSED with Verballert.

The first and last tracks on this collection 
(Verschallert & SalzgrubeSoundSys)
are Salzgrube productions in collaboration 
with Chris Meidinger.  
Classic Salzgrube studio at it's finest 
(or Verschallert-est!)  
Soup's on, Let's bake some tracks! 

Original Artwork by Antonio Haas.
Music, Art, Text, Design published by 6i Musik. Copy Control 2010.
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