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[6:17] Almost Finnish.mp3 (15.1 MB)
Elements of microsound, glitchcore, and IDM round out this pushing and pumping minimal booty grinder. Inspired by some of my favorite house music composers from Finnland, 'Almost Finnish' plays tribute to those great inspirations. This track first appeared on the scene in djLapCore's promo mix ARAMCHEK in November 2008.
[9:39] Wind-Up Bird.mp3 (23.2 MB)
It was *not* my intention to do another Murakami themed composition, believe me... but when a good friend heard one of the synthi motives she declared that it sounded just as she had imagined the 'aufziehvogel' (wind-up-bird) of Murakami fame... And because I liked so very much how she hung around the Salzgrube studio and shook her booty, I didn't argue with her naming this track the 'Wind-Up Bird.' (who could resist, really...) 'Wind-Up Bird' first came off the workbench in the djLapCore promo mix Wayforward Minimal in July 2008 where it was mixed in together with a popular Portishead song of that time.
[6:35] Blissful, Bashful.mp3 (15.8 MB)
Admittedly, 'Blissful, Bashful' is the least DJ friendly track on this EP. It, like it's sister tracks composed using 'Live Better' (My custom Reaktor LIVE patch), posseses a rich texture like intricately woven seeds. However what it lacks in dance-legs, it makes up for in ambience and style. The chill factor is high with this one...
[9:07] baseline_os.mp3 (21.9 MB)
A favorite MINIMAL jam, 'baseline_os' is a fertile utility track which can be played just straight up and neat or can underlie a pop song (ala djLapCore), or can be used to provide a solid pumper of a bass foundation for your DJ kicks... Cyborg choirs and automatonic belly dancers grace the likes of your greasy dance floor. 'baseline_os' was originally debuted on djLapCore's Anti-Cyborg-Is-Crime promo mix in March of 2008. The context in which it was heard (mixed together with the Sonic Youth) has also been released as a DJ single CyborgWithinYou in April 2010.
6i Musik,
  & LapCore 
     are very proud to present you with 
       a 320kbps re-release of LapCore's MINIMAL CLASSIC EP:

MINIMAL FOUR-PACK.  Concisely composed, dignified and dancey, down
to earth basic tracks for any medium to expertly skilled DJ.

Originally Released in the WEE hours of Jan 1st, 2009, WoundUP
was born under it's own motto.  None of us could have been wound
more tightly. (do you remember?)  There *were* reasons for this 8-D

All four of these tracks have also been extensively aired in the
LapCore Live in Madrid episode AVLab 1.0.

Most Gracious Thanks & Mega-Shouts:	
Music, Art, Text, Design published by 6i Musik. Copy Control 2010.

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