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[23:35] LapCore_Live_Berlin_2004.mp3 (56.6 MB)
A Friday the 13th is *ALWAYS* a great occasion for a gig...
But when it happens to fall in February, then it is something
*REALLY SPECIAL* because it's St.Valentines EVE.  cool.

Back in the nullers things were loose and fun in Berlin.
A bunch of us who were working at NI had a studio on 
Falckenstein Strasse and would chill out after work
with drinks and smokes and jam sessions.  It was a fun
scene of creative computer musicians hanging out after
work and turning up the volume, maybe laying down some

Before long things were starting to spill out of the
basement of the studio and into the streets, and the 
next venue happened to be the Cafe Wendel. Respekt to
Vidatone for organizing the connections... So we would
often just set up the laptops in the cafe and have 
casual jam sessions and drinks and people would come
by to chat about the latest computer music developments
or to hang with the Reaktor developers.  It was fun.
(some of the regulars and personalities are linked to
on the bottom left of this page...)

This was the scenario of the Friday the 13th 'gig.'
It was a loose jam session in the Wendel on a Friday.
LapCore did a short improvisation (posted here), as 
did monolog, EPY, LEO, and THE INSTRUMENT, just to
mention a few. 

This LapCore session is a live improvisation of a track
I was working on at the time titled 'Falckensteiner'
(scheduled for release on 'LapCore.132' in Q1 2011)
Most notably you can hear the status of my live
beat-breaking and drum improvisation Reaktor patch
used in conjunction with 'LIVE BETTER,'
which got a lot of workout back in those days.  

Thank you very much for your continued support,


THX + shouts: THE INSTRUMENT, Martin, Leo, Mads, Nestor, Klausi, Rembert, Andi, Toine, Jens, Roswitha, Nils, G.G., Wern, Gert, Andreas, Christophe, Jamie, Kevvy, Julian, Stephan, Stefan, Steffen, Stefani, Monika, Tobias, Morel, Wolfgang, Brian, Ficho, Stephan, Stefan, Stefano, Stephanie, Sascha, and so many more...