LapCore : SoftWired
	Classic Ambient From LapCore.
Hand-picked gems re-released from
		SOFTWIRED in 2004.
	---- 4 AMBienT tracks + 1 BREAKcore.----
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	are very proud to present you with 
	    the 2k10 re-release of SoftWired.
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originally released in 2004
re-released 2k10
[3:16] SoftWired.mp3 (4.0 MB)
A tastefully crafted 132 bpm ambient track with wide stereo field,
wicked syncopated arpeggiations, and a driving urgency to it's motor;
SoftWired represents a departure from standard 'techno forms' and
explores more complex formal structures and bends the sound
rules of the club palette. 		
[3:45] MemErr.mp3 (4.6 MB)
For years LapCore searched and strived towards a kind of sound
which he could only describe as 'PURE TECHNO.'  (which is a very bad
description)  Because the goal is to create a track with urgency,
drive, and tanzbeine (booty-shake) WITHOUT using percussion, especially
the stereotypical BUM-Tz-BUM-Tz.  MemErr is the first of these many
experiments towards creating a PURE sound.  Though in the end,
the hi-hats won... so,
Although not a total success in creating this 'PURE techno,' MemErr 
stands on it's own as a very strong ambient track.
[4:52] Ambien.mp3 (5.9 MB)
Another of many many Vokator arpeggiation experiments...
At this time I was particularly interested in PolyTempo
(as in PolyTemporal Consciousness) rhythmic structures.  
And so Ambien is one of many tracks created with a beat of 132 bpm
and arpeggiation running at 128 bpm.  Sometimes I also added structural
patterns at 120 bpm just to keep things humming along.  A (LIVE) version 
of Ambien which explores these PolyTemporal structures in more detail
can be heard (as 'somatik response') on the Live Set: rEtRO fUtURA

[3:46] Chill_Pill.mp3 (4.6 MB)
Chill_Pill is a piano improvisation which stuck in my head and later
turned into an exercise in 'orchestration.'  It spent a lot of time
on the work bench and became a routine distraction from software 
development: re-arranging the piano improvisation. It was during this
time that my friend Andreas Bick gave me a load-up of cool frame drum
samples which I worked with to create the beats for Chill_Pill.
Andreas' blog is very interesting, I encourage you to have a look:
be sure to listen to his great collection of field recordings 
(he has made available for download!).  Thanks Andreas!
[8:24] BGirls.mp3 (10.2 MB)
BGirls is one of the only (very rare) recordings where LapCore uses 
record scratching techniques [though very sparingly].  It is born
of a Reaktor3 ensemble I built to do live remixing and similar 
jams can be heard (with different source materials) on many of the
LapCore Live sets from this period.  This soft-wired music patch
was first heard on LapCore Vol. 1's SxeBtch and
has been in a constant state of development and production
from 2002 until 2009.  The source material for BGirls is a 
Donna Summer record I bought at the flea market in Treptower Park.
	This tasty collection of ambient tracks heralds back to the early development of the Vokator.
	LapCore was still producing in Studio36 (aka Görly) and Vokator experiments and testing
	were a daily occurance.  FFT sessions immenently instoppable.  (you can stop the noise....
	but you can't stop the revolution!)
	Additionally the BREAK-core style developed by LapCore during this period would influence
	much of the productions over the next five years, and especially the live set technique.
	BGirls is a rare glimpse at the beginnings of a live performance ethic to take root
	in LapCore studios and onstage for the rest of the decade.	
	The Album artwork for SoftWired has been contributed by Daniel Canogar.
	The image is a detail photograph of his installation piece titled 'Scanner.'
	Daniel's work is documented online at